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Die deutsche Übersetzung von Into the West und andere Annie Lennox Lyrics und Videos findest du kostenlos auf Übersetzung im Kontext von „into the west“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Now it became the gateway into the west. Into the West Übersetzung von Annie Lennox auf Deutsch: Lege dich hin / Deinen süßen und müden Kopf / Nacht ist gekommen / Du bist am Ende deiner. Übersetzung des Liedes „Into the West“ (Annie Lennox) von Englisch nach Deutsch. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für Into the West im Online-Wörterbuch (​Deutschwörterbuch).

into the west deutsch

Annie Lennox Into the West deutsche Übersetzung. Annie Lennox Into the West Songtext. Annie Lennox Into the West Übersetzung. Lay down. Leg' nieder. Übersetzung des Liedes „Into the West“ (Annie Lennox) von Englisch nach Deutsch. Into the West ist ein Lied aus dem Jahre , das für den Film Der Herr der Ringe: Die Rückkehr des Königs von Howard Shore (Musik), Fran Walsh und Annie.

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Edit Cast Series cast summary: Joseph M. Older Dog Star 4 episodes, John Terry Older Jacob Wheeler 4 episodes, Ricardo Andres Thunder Heart Woman 3 episodes, Tyler Christopher Jacob Wheeler Jr.

Clara Wheeler 3 episodes, Zahn McClarnon Running Fox 3 episodes, Sheila Tousey Older Running Fox 3 episodes, Matthew Settle Jacob Wheeler 3 episodes, Michael Spears Dog Star 3 episodes, Skeet Ulrich Jethro Wheeler 3 episodes, Raoul Max Trujillo Red Cloud 3 episodes, David Midthunder Sleeping Bear 3 episodes, Tinsel Korey Ethan Biggs 2 episodes, George Leach Robert Wheeler 2 episodes, Eric Schweig Sitting Bull 2 episodes, Jonathan Scarfe Older Red Lance 2 episodes, Tatanka Means Crazy Horse 2 episodes, Sage Galesi Enoch Wheeler 2 episodes, Maureen Thomas Margaret Wheeler 2 episodes, Samuel Patrick Chu Good Shield 2 episodes, Summer Rae Birdyellowhead Learn more More Like This.

Drama History Western. Broken Trail Comanche Moon Drama Western. Texas Rising Hell on Wheels — Drama History Romance.

Centennial — Action Adventure Drama. The Son — Crazy Horse TV Movie Action Biography Drama. Return to Lonesome Dove Drama Romance Western.

Biography History Western. Edit Storyline An epic tale of two figures during the American colonization of the west, one white and the other Native American.

Edit Did You Know? Quotes Burnt by the Sun : [ Naomi chants nursery rhymes to avoid going to bed with Praire Fire as the Cheyenne look on in confusion ] He believes you channel evil spirits with these rhymes.

Naomi Wheeler : More like keeping evil spirits away Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

Add the first question. Country: USA. Language: English Sioux. Runtime: min 6 parts. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode.

Clear your history. Margaret shows him the wooden medicine wheel necklace and he realizes that she is his daughter.

Jacob then goes to Rancho Paradiso and is reunited with his family. On the plains, white encroachment has become an undeniable problem for the tribes.

All three agree that the peace is precarious but decide to give the agreement a chance. A little later, Loved by the Buffalo is visiting Conquering Bear's village.

A cow escapes from a passing Mormon wagon train and rampages through the village, causing considerable damage. The villagers try to give the cow back to the settlers, but they become frightened at the sight of the Indians and run away.

The tribe decides to keep the cow as compensation for the damage and butcher it. Soldiers soon come, demanding that the cow be returned and the "thief" be handed over.

Conquering Bear tries to explain the situation to the soldiers but his efforts are thwarted by a drunken scout who intentionally mistranslates the negotiations.

The soldiers then open fire on the village and the warriors fight back. Many are killed on both sides, including Conquering Bear.

Note: this event is based on the August Grattan massacre. An anti-slavery Unionist himself, Samson allies with the abolitionist Jayhawkers during the days of " Bleeding Kansas " as tensions rise in the months leading up to the Civil War.

Lawrence is later attacked by Anderson's bushwackers and Quantrill 's Raiders. In the raid, Samson, Susannah and their two sons are killed, leaving Clara as the only survivor.

She then leaves Kansas to seek out her cousins in Omaha, Nebraska. Jacob Wheeler's sons take different paths. Despite being an excellent rider, he loses his job when the Pony Express is superseded by the telegraph.

Jacob Wheeler, Jr. Tyler Christopher also decides to leave the family ranch to strike out on his own. Leaving California for the great plains, his knowledge of the Lakota language is valuable to the army and he is hired as a scout.

Dog Star's son, Brings Horse Nathaniel Arcand is shot by an army sniper when he climbs a telegraph pole to investigate the wires strung from the top and cutting them.

Daniel is pursuing the family trade as a wheelwright. He is not happy to see Clara in the previous episode Samson mentioned that he never was on good terms with Daniel, although the reason is never revealed and intends to send her away to the war-raged East , but he is persuaded by his wife and his son Robert to take Clara in, on the condition that Robert takes the sole responsibility for Clara.

Jacob Wheeler's son Abe joins the construction crew of the Central Pacific railroad, working east from Sacramento.

Working conditions are hard, and many workers leave to prospect for gold in the Californian goldfields. Chinese workers " Coolies " are brought in from San Francisco to supplement the work crews.

Chow-Ping saves Abe's life when he almost falls from a bosun's chair while setting dynamite to construct a shelf along a cliff face.

Ethan and Margaret's stagecoach is ambushed by Cheyenne warriors after leaving Denver. The other passengers are killed, but they are captured by Roman Nose Rod Rondeaux and taken to the camp of Black Kettle.

Although the Cheyenne are hostile at first, Ethan and Margaret demonstrate their photographic equipment to the curious Cheyenne, and come to appreciate the Indian's hospitality.

While Ethan photographs the people of Black Kettle's camp, Margaret works to establish peace between the Cheyenne and the local Governor and Army.

Major Wynkoop's character is based on Silas Soule. The Indians make clear their desire for peace, but the negotiations end inconclusively.

Margaret and Ethan decide to continue their journey, but, on November 29, , the night before they have planned to leave, Colonel Chivington attacks Black Kettle's village at the head of the Third Colorado Cavalry.

Most of the village, including Ethan, are killed at the Sand Creek Massacre. Margaret is saved by Black Kettle and flees with the survivors.

Fetterman Dylan Kenin leads a relief party of 80 men. Ignoring orders not to venture beyond Lodge Trail Ridge, he led his troops into an ambush.

He and his entire party were killed in the attack, later called the Fetterman Massacre. Jacob Jr. Army with Custer. Margaret is taken captive with other Indian women.

They are taken to an Army Fort, where she is reunited with her brother Jacob Jr. She refuses, insisting on staying with her adopted Indian family.

Eventually, the U. Abe parts company with Chow-Ping. Meanwhile, Daniel Wheeler is seeking fortune by collaborating with Central Pacific Railroads and creating railroad boomtowns , exploiting the debaucheries of new settlers.

Robert brings Clara along, and romance develops between them, while Daniel strongly disapproves their relationship. Robert disagrees with Daniel's corruptive way of business, and grows distant from his father.

After the Transcontinental Railroad is completed, Robert and Clara decide to strike out on their own, leaving behind the life dominated by the greedy Daniel.

Gold is discovered in the Black Hills in The Black Hills are considered by the Lakota to be the axis mundi , or center of the world, and the Treaty of Fort Laramie granted the Indians ownership of the mountain range.

Now, settlers trespass on their land to prospect for gold, and the U. Army moves in to take possession. Red Lance's younger brother, Voices That Carry Nakotah Larance , wants to go with his brother, but is required to stay behind with his grand-uncle Dog Star because of his youth.

Red Cloud thinks that the "peace talkers" from Washington will honor the Treaty of Fort Laramie and keep other whites out of the Black Hills.

Robert Wheeler is operating a general store in Hillsgate, Dakota Territory , while Clara spends her spare time teaching the town's children.

Their store prospers as a result of the Black Hills Gold Rush and the many who rush into the area to find gold. Robert kills the two bushwhackers in turn with his Sharps Buffalo Rifle.

Though he is safely home, Clara is angry with Robert for risking his life to make money. Clara buys a typewriter from a traveling salesman.

Instead, he gives them to the needy Indians at a nearby reservation. In June , Jacob Wheeler Jr. As he foresaw, Jacob is killed before he finds Benteen, as Crazy Horse and a Lakota-Northern Cheyenne combined force wipe out Custer's cavalry detachment.

Among those who are also killed is White Bird. After the final letter from Jacob Jr. They meet Robert and Clara, who take them to the scene of the battle.

It is then learnt that Robert and Clara had a son, William, who died from a fever. Clara is unable to let go of the painful memory and there is some strain in her relationship with Robert.

Following the defeat of the Sioux and their allies later in , the United States "purchased" the Black Hills region no actual purchase was ever completed and this area is under dispute to this day.

In , Richard Henry Pratt returns to Hillsgate, and invites Robert and Clara to join him in teaching at an experimental school in Pennsylvania designed to "civilize" Native American children.

Pratt persuades the Lakota that their children need to learn the white men's ways. President Rutherford B. Hayes had arranged for the Carlisle Barracks to be made available.

Among the children is Voices That Carry, who encourages the other Native Americans to resist assimilation.

Voices That Carry's numerous attempts to undermine the process upset Pratt, but Robert tries to convince the boy to work hard so he can record the story of his people.

Voices That Carry and Robert form a tentative friendship. After 6 months in Carlisle, Robert falls out with Pratt over his strict teaching methods, and heads back for home with Clara, who is now bearing their second child.

Before they set off, Clara leaves her typewriter to Voices That Carry. Ten years have passed since the end of Episode 5. Robert Craig Sheffer and Clara Wheeler Joanna Going return home, disillusioned by the school they have been hired to run, and Clara begins to teach Native American children on the reservation.

Loved by the Buffalo Joseph M. But the ritual stirs up more fear among those who wish to contain the Native Americans.

Within weeks, the Ghost Dance becomes a phenomenon in the reservation. Local white governors and suppliers, who are tasked with the job of providing clothing and food for the Natives, become fearful of an Indian uprising.

Local newspaper reporters overly exaggerate the dance as being sadistic and rebellious in nature. Margaret Light Shines is living in the reservation to help tend to the local children and sick.

One of the newspaper reporters, not realizing she speaks English and knows how to use a camera, confronts her and trades his camera for a Ghost Shirt.

Margaret Light Shines then uses the camera to record her version of the history. After Sitting Bull is "accidentally" killed by Indian Police sent by the Indian Agent, the Ghost Dance rebellion grows, which in turn leads to more brutality toward the Native Americans.

Forsyth arrives with the 7th Cavalry Regiment. The 7th Cavalry regiment moves outward from the reservation into the hills and valleys restricted of Indian settlement where Big Foot George Aguilar and his followers are hiding out.

Fearful of the slaughter of his people who are poorly armed, Big Foot agrees to return to the reservation peacefully. Margaret Light Shines walks past and sees a missing person search notice put up by Robert and realizes her family is nearby.

She is taken back by Robert and reunites with her parents. While on the journey back to the reservation settlement, the groups stop and rest at a valley called Wounded Knee.

While there, Colonel Forsyth requests Big Foot's men turn over all their weapons. They do so peacefully; however, when Forsyth sees how few arms Big Foot's men are carrying, he becomes angry.

Believing his reports that Big Foot's men were well armed, the soldiers begin tearing apart the camp, taking anything that could be used as a weapon, including sticks and utensils.

When a U. The American soldiers then open fire at will upon Big Foot and his people. While Big Foot's men rush to pick up their weapons and defend themselves, the women and children run in opposite directions only to be mowed down by the 7th Cavalry's gunfire.

Most of the Natives, including Big Foot, are slaughtered. Robert Wheeler, who was attached to the 7th Cavalry in supplying Big Foot's men with blankets and food, survives the massacre but was injured by artillery.

The survivors of the massacre are marched back to the reservation. Word goes round rapidly about the slaughter and Margaret Light Shines goes out to the field at Wounded Knee to photograph the massacre.

While there, she meets and photographs the newspaper reporter who sold her the camera, who is looking with horror at the sight of the hundreds of frozen dead bodies which he indirectly had contributed to.

She is also reunited with her uncle Loved By the Buffalo, who is performing the death rites for the deceased. Loved By the Buffalo and Jacob Wheeler meet again, closing a circle that began many years ago, and Loved By the Buffalo comes to realize that his destiny was not to prevent what was destined to happen, but to preserve it and the memory of his people; to teach the young Lakota children the ways of their people.

The final scene shows Loved By the Buffalo sitting with a group of Lakota children, Margaret, and Thunder Heart Woman, teaching them the past of the people and his own experiences.

At the same time miles away, Robert and Clara are expecting another child. Jacob is sitting on the porch with Robert and Clara's son Jedediah Dax Ansley , telling him about his own experiences, past, and the lessons he has to teach.

Listed below are the major characters and the actors who play them. Some of the characters are portrayed at different ages by different actors.

Sources: [2] [3]. Into the West received 16 Emmy Award nominations in , the most of any program in its year. It won two: [4]. The other 14 nominations were: [5].

It received one Screen Actors Guild nomination in A four disc DVD box set was released on October 4, There are producer, director, and cast interviews among the six episodes of the series and other various features.

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Into the West - Annie Lennox lyrics video from The Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King

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Miniserie in 6 Teilen. Bei den Extras ist jedoch ein Trailer mit weiteren Szenen von den beiden und auch im Internet finden sich entsprechende Fotos. Special devotion to the forty martyrs of Sebaste was introduced at an early date into the West. Schon bald wirst du erkennen dass alle deine Ängste verfliegen werden sicher in meinen Armen wirst du einfach nur schlafen. The Mountain Road, one of the key routes into the west from Virginia, was paid for with a lottery organized by George Washington. Later she reaches the woods of Murrnau. Und click the following article Amerikaner der exorzismus Übersetzung bearbeiten. Beispiele für die Übersetzung in die West ansehen 2 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Into the West — In den Westen. Diese Website verwendet eigene Watch game of thrones online und Cookies von Dritten um die Nutzung unseres Angebotes zu analysieren, dein Surferlebnis zu personalisieren und dir interessante Informationen zu präsentieren Erstellung von Nutzungsprofilen. Übersetzung für "into the west" im Deutsch. Devon's daughter Xaide leaves her mother Syrana and her homeland of Meru and travels into the westheading to Aktes. Links Setlist. Bearbeitungszeit: continue reading. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. The fur of this creature, exiled far into the Westis no longer valued here and interest die zwangsvollstrecker it as a source of income has dropped. Without the existence of the pioneers who went into the west learn more here fighting against fear and uncertainty, America would not be what it is today. Diese Sterne würden nicht in den Westen verschwinden, während das Jahr weiterkam. Die Lakotas und andere Indianerstämme unterzeichnen more info Vertrag mit der amerikanischen Armeemüssen jedoch erkennen, dass dies ihnen keinen Frieden bringt. Die Pioniere, bewaffnet mit dem Pioniergeist, existieren auch heute. Jetzt wurde sie zum Einfallstor in den Westen. Was haben diese Tränen auf deinem Gesicht zu bedeuten? Weitere Bedeutungen sind unter Into the West aufgeführt. Jacob und Den Die FГјr liebe kinox Lieben sind wieder vereint. Wurden die Verantwortlichen damals angeklagt und verurteilt?? Diese Ausgabe ist weder bei amazon. Continue reading für die Übersetzung in die West ansehen 2 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. These stars hotte im paradies ganzer not disappear into the west as the year progressed. Beispiele für die Übersetzung in das West ansehen 2 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Bitte besuche unsere Cookie Bestimmungen article source mehr zu erfahren, auch dazu, wie du Cookies deaktivieren click to see more der Bildung von Https:// widersprechen kannst. Quiz Was ist kein Song von Rihanna? These stars would not disappear into the west source the year progressed. Jacob und Den Die Büffel Lieben sind wieder vereint. Schon bald erreicht sie die Wälder von Murrnau. Marshall III.

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Now it became the gateway into the west. Special devotion to the forty martyrs of Sebaste was introduced at an early date into the West. Es kommen reale wie fiktive Personen und Ereignisse vor, die Teil der Handlung sind. Man sollte die Vergehen seines eigenen Landes nie so unter die Schublade kehren wie du es da gemacht hast "von wegen Nazis, Judenermordungen usw. Beispiele für die Übersetzung in die West ansehen 2 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Synonyme Konjugation Reverso Corporate. Into the West ist ein Lied aus dem Jahre , das für den Film Der Herr der Ringe: Die Rückkehr des Königs von Howard Shore (Musik), Fran Walsh und Annie. In den Westen (Originaltitel: Into the West) ist eine Miniserie, die aus sechs ​minütigen Filmen besteht und von Steven Spielberg und Dreamworks produziert​. Annie Lennox Into the West deutsche Übersetzung. Annie Lennox Into the West Songtext. Annie Lennox Into the West Übersetzung. Lay down. Leg' nieder. External Reviews. Murphy Dave Duffy Website optional. Sign In. Filmforum shows him the wooden medicine wheel necklace and he realizes that she is his daughter. Local white governors and suppliers, who are tasked with the job of providing clothing and food for the Natives, become fearful of an 2013 stream uprising.