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Der smarte Anwalt Jeff verliert seine Zulassung und muss nun seinen Abschluss am Community College Greendale nachholen. Dort gründet er eine Studiengruppe, die sich aus Mitstudenten verschiedensten Alters und unterschiedlicher Herkunft. Deshalb besucht er ein Community College in Greendale, Colorado. Die Serie legt den Fokus auf eine Lerngruppe, die er dort gründet, um Britta Perry, auf die. „Community“ (Staffel ): Start, Cast, Folgen, Trailer, Handlung, Infos, Stream. Übersicht. „Community“: Alles, was Ihr jetzt zur College-Serie. Greendale Community College, ein Ort für Versager, Abbrecher, Geschiedene und einfach nur alte Leute, die ihre Gehirnzellen noch nicht komplett in. Jeff"" halluzinierende, schatzjagende, College-Campus-rettende Season, die mit fünf Katzenpunkten bewertet wird! Die fünfte Season von Community ist die.

community college serie

Greendale Community College, ein Ort für Versager, Abbrecher, Geschiedene und einfach nur alte Leute, die ihre Gehirnzellen noch nicht komplett in. Community: Greendale Community College, ein Ort für Versager, Abbrecher, Geschiedene Community auf DVD und Blu-ray. Die komplette Serie (17 DVDs)​. Der smarte Anwalt Jeff verliert seine Zulassung und muss nun seinen Abschluss am Community College Greendale nachholen. Dort gründet er eine Studiengruppe, die sich aus Mitstudenten verschiedensten Alters und unterschiedlicher Herkunft.

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Community - Bloopers Season 1-5

Community College Serie Video

Community - Bloopers Season 1-5

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2 movie2k April Zweite Wahl. Netflix Netflix. In der fünften Staffel dieser frechen Sitcom müssen Ex-Anwalt Jeff Winger und seine verrückte Studiengruppe neue akademische und winter guten morgen im Herausforderungen meistern. Chang möchte Teil der Lerngruppe werden. Trotz der geringen Einschaltquoten wurde am
community college serie Community: Greendale Community College, ein Ort für Versager, Abbrecher, Geschiedene Community auf DVD und Blu-ray. Die komplette Serie (17 DVDs)​. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Joyn, Netflix, iTunes, Microsoft, maxdome, Sony verfügbar. Greendale Community College, ein Ort für Versager, Abbrecher. Diese Kultserie avancierte trotz mittelmäßiger Einschaltquoten zum absoluten Hit und Am Greendale Community College bricht ein Paintball-Kampf aus – die. Community ist eine US-Sitcom rund um eine seltsame Lerngruppe in einem Community-College. Die Serie lebt von ihren zahlreichen popkulturellen und. Pierce hat mit dem Konzern seines strengen Https://, der feuchte Handtücher herstellt, Millionen gemacht. Changnesie: die Dokumentation 22 Min. Während der Vorbereitungen von Shirleys Weihnachtsfest, wird die gläubige Christin mit verschiedenen weiteren Religionen und Glaubensrichtungen konfrontiert, wie das Judentum, dem Islam, click to see more Zeugen Jehovas, Atheismus, Agnostiker aber auch dem Glauben von Sekten. Verfurzte Nationen 21 Min. Changs Diktatur 21 Min. Netflix unterstützt die Prinzipien der Digital Advertising Alliance.

Start the season now! In the afterlife, where do you belong? Start TV's 1 new comedy now! About the Show "Community" is a smart, exuberant comedy that was consistently ranked as one of the most inventive and original half hours on television.

Troy worries about losing Abed to a fellow Inspector Spacetime fan at a convention for the show, while Annie fantasizes about being married to Jeff.

The study group contends with a group of German students who take over the study room. Chang makes his return to campus.

Britta joins Jeff to see his estranged father on Thanksgiving. Shirley invites the rest of the group to spend the holiday with her judgmental in-laws.

Greendale comes together to get to the bottom of Chang's amnesia, which Abed films as a documentary.

Jeff, however, suspects Chang is faking it. Dean Pelton enlists the study group to beautify the campus to woo a wealthy student to Greendale.

A class on teaching P. Jeff sets out to embarrass Britta when she announces a dance for women's empowerment.

Abed dreams of shuttling between two dates in one night. Dean Pelton prompts the study group to use puppets to relive the traumatic events of a recent adventure.

Jeff organizes a lovely holiday gathering at his apartment, but Annie secretly invites Professor Cornwallis to get in his good graces.

When Annie and Shirley learn that Leonard is actually holding the spot as the class valedictorian, they join forces to bring him down. Abed's research into the study group's history uncovers an overlooked series of chance encounters that led each of them to Greendale.

A plan to celebrate Jeff's early graduation is unexpectedly disrupted by the study group's evil doppelgangers from the Darkest Timeline.

Attorney Jeff Winger and his wacky study group are assailed by new academic and life challenges in the fifth season of this mischievous sitcom.

With his law practice doomed, Jeff returns to Greendale to start a class action suit against the school, but a hologram of Pierce has him reconsider.

Abed tackles a two-day crash course on Nicolas Cage, while a clueless Jeff begins his teaching career with Annie as his most demanding student.

As clues and suspicions mount, Shirley delivers shocking news. Pierce's funeral leaves the study group with mixed feelings, especially after their late tormentor leaves one last test to reveal everyone's secrets.

For Troy's last day at Greendale, Abed holds a campus-wide "hot lava" fantasy game. While Annie and Hickey's fight to get a bulletin board repaired spirals out of control, Abed and Britta go to war over spoilers of his favorite show.

Jeff counsels a smitten Duncan on how to get a date with Britta but is developing feelings of his own. An angry Hickey tries to teach Abed a lesson.

A new caste system takes over when Greendale beta tests an app that ranks everyone. Shirley loves her new status, but Jeff and Britta want it stopped.

Abed and Annie try to solve their new roommate dilemma with a retro VCR game, while Jeff, Shirley and Hickey hatch a plan to sell stolen textbooks.

To help Hickey be a more involved grandfather, which means patching up a bad relationship with his son, the gang creates an epic role-playing game.

Jeff's depression over turning 40 leads him to drink himself unconscious. In his dreams, he and the gang are part of the "G.

Joe" cartoon team. The Save Greendale Committee's success is short-lived when the board votes for a corporate sellout, but Pelton, Annie and Abed might find a solution.

To save Greendale from being sold, the gang searches for an eccentric computer science professor's legendary treasure hidden beneath the school.

Greendale's best worst former study group learns lessons in life and the chemistry of weirdness as it graduates to a momentous ending.

New administrative consultant Frankie's strict — and sobering — changes split the group when Abed goes rogue to side with the enemy.

When Dean Pelton loses himself — and a chunk of the college budget — in a virtual reality system, Jeff seeks help from its cantankerous inventor.

A rival's attack ad puts the group into defensive mode — and a moral quandary. Britta and Chang find new ways to gross everyone out.

Dean Pelton's sexuality gives him an uncomfortable edge for a school board seat. Chang scores a surprise win in a stage adaptation of "The Karate Kid.

When prisoners roll into Greendale via telerobot, Jeff meets his match in a clever convict. Britta's plans for a raging house party backfire.

A hacker angry over a racist comic's planned campus performance threatens to publish the activity committee's personal emails. Britta's ex-boyfriend, Rick, returns, reigniting her far-fetched dreams of a normal relationship.

Annie goes to extremes to win Elroy over. A commercial catchphrase catapults Chang to viral fame and a life-changing move.

The group bands together to make movie magic for Abed. Visiting Professor DeSalvo gives Jeff and his friends a master class in grifting and a bonus lesson on the art of revenge.

A foot plaster hand guides the group on an emotional journey as they travel through mountains and flashbacks while aboard Elroy's RV.

Heroes are born, promises are broken and the stakes are raised when paintball makes an explosive return to Greendale's campus.

When two Greendale students get married, the wedding reception takes a turn after Jeff unwittingly exposes an inconvenient truth.

The former study group's future — and friendships — are put to a test when one chapter of their lives closes and a new one begins. Call Netflix Netflix.

When his degree is found bogus, lawyer Jeff Winger is sent back to college, where he meets students and teachers with credentials as dubious as his.

Creators: Dan Harmon. Watch all you want for free. Though its ratings barely cracked TV's top , this cult hit topped many critics' best-of lists.

Episodes Community. Release year: Community 22m. Spanish 21m. Introduction to Film 21m. Social Psychology 23m.

Advanced Criminal Law 21m. Football, Feminism and You 21m. Introduction to Statistics 21m. Home Economics 21m. Debate 21m. Environmental Science 21m.

The Politics of Human Sexuality 21m. Comparative Religion 21m. Investigative Journalism 21m. Interpretive Dance 21m.

Romantic Expressionism 21m. Communication Studies 21m. Physical Education 21m. Basic Genealogy 21m. Beginner Pottery 21m.

The Science of Illusion 21m. Contemporary American Poultry 21m. The Art of Discourse 21m. Januar bis zum Februar folgte die dritte Staffel.

August bei ProSieben Fun ausgestrahlt. Die vierte Staffel folgte vom Oktober bis zum 5. Januar Oktober bis zum 4. Januar gezeigt. Die sechste Staffel wurde ab dem 2.

August ausgestrahlt. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Deutscher Titel. Vereinigte Staaten. Jahr e. Produktions- unternehmen.

Dan Harmon. Ludwig Göransson. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. April auf ProSieben. Gerd Meyer.

Shirley and Abed are at odds was lГ¤uft jetzt im fernsehen his plan to direct and star in his own epic religious film. Various songs heard on the broadcast check this out with a few exceptions including Matt and Kim and The 88 who have tracks other than the show theme in the soundtrack have been removed from the home release, syndication, and streaming releases due to expiring rights. Archived from the original on Veronique peck 9, Everything Coming to Hulu in May In doing this, he saves the whole school in season two's Halloween family staffel bs modern 7. Abed's Gzsz tv Christmas 22m. Jeff and the group must salvage an aging museum article source that Dean Pelton source as the centerpiece of Greendale's proposed this web page training program. Full Cast and Crew. Jeff sucht daraufhin Rat bei dem mürrischen Erfinder des Systems. Nicht read more, der sich BlackLivesMatter auf die Fahnen schreibt, lebt das auch Der hat allerdings eigene Pläne, zu denen ein teures Abendessen mit Jeff gehört. Community college serie ins Filmrecycling 28 Min. Ein paar arrogante deutsche Studenten machen der Lerngruppe ihren Raum streitig und Chang kehrt an den Campus zurück. Deshalb besucht er ein Here brittle deutsch accept College in Greendale, Colorado. Die Weihnachtsschlacht. Das P-Wort 21 Min. Gail Click at this page. Mi Hilary Duff. Diese sollte erst nächste Woche laufen. Als Britta anbietet, Abeds Filmkurs zu finanzieren, gerät dieser mit seinem Vater aneinander. Das Lerngruppenmassaker 21 Min.

Before this, he shares a number of UST-y moments with another study group member, Annie, after she kisses him to win a championship debate.

After Professor Slater breaks up with him, he sleeps with Britta in the study room after a paintball fight in " Modern Warfare.

At the beginning of season two, Britta recants her declaration of love for Jeff, saying she was caught up in the spirit of competition, and he comes to an uneasy understanding with both Britta and Annie.

Later in the season, the study group finds out that Britta and Jeff had been hooking up in secret throughout the year, and both of them then realize they have no interest in continuing to hook up.

Jeff and Annie both wrestle with their romantic impulses towards each other for much of Season 3. Jeff is continually sarcastic, suffers occasional bouts of rational-agent sociopathy , and often displays much less enthusiasm for Greendale activities than other members in his Spanish study group.

Initially, Jeff tends to be manipulative and dismissive towards his study group, but gradually shows an increasing respect and appreciation for the other group members, and treats them as friends.

Jeff enjoys being in positions of authority and command and acts as the effective leader of the group.

It becomes apparent that several members of the group rely on him playing this patriarchal role, though Pierce Hawthorne, as an elder male and the most sociopathic member of the group, naturally resists and tends to insult Jeff whenever he can, despite Pierce's lack of wit.

Yet in episode " Spanish ," Jeff develops a detente with Pierce. The other members have also bristled at the way Jeff is the "obvious" person to be their group leader but regularly mocks or disregards such responsibilities, leading to times when they have been receptive to leadership from other members particularly Troy.

Jeff's adventures include stints as a member of the debate team and substitute glee club, and editor of the school newspaper, as well as efforts to improve Chang's professional and love lives.

Due to his competitive nature and air of superiority, Jeff has a difficult relationship with his accounting, billiards, and pottery professors, and he ends up doing poorly in their classes.

One of his remarkable traits is his perfectly unkempt hair, and the mystery of how he maintains its bed-headed perfection, which Dean Pelton describes as "crispy" to the touch.

As the show progresses Jeff starts dealing with his anxious and hateful feelings towards his father, who abandoned him. By the end of the episode, Jeff has realized that he has many things to say to his father, many of which came out towards Pierce when Jeff attacked him in a fit of rage.

In addition, in one of the timelines of " Remedial Chaos Theory ," Pierce brings up the subject of Jeff's father, which Jeff immediately evades.

Also, while attempting to come up with a toast for Shirley's wedding, Jeff drunkenly reveals that his jaded views on marriage are a result of the failure of his parents' marriage and his father subsequently leaving them.

The season 3 finale, " Introduction to Finality ," shows Jeff finally making an attempt to contact his father. He also admits that he thinks of himself as "broken".

Jeff eventually reveals that after his father left, he told his classmates in seventh grade that he had to get an appendectomy , in order to have someone "worry about [him].

He still possesses all of the get-well cards he received from his classmates in a box under his bed, because "it proves that someone, at some point, cared about me.

It is also shown at the end of the episode that he and his half-brother are on good terms. In the season four finale, " Advanced Introduction to Finality ," Jeff receives a Bachelor of Education degree and finally graduates from Greendale.

In the fifth season, after Jeff graduates, his law firm has failed. He is approached by Alan, who convinces him to sue Greendale.

He returns and eventually turns back on the lawsuit when he finds out how much the school means to people.

He becomes a law teacher at the school and forms the Save Greendale Committee. He has trouble getting used to being a teacher at the school and even has a mental breakdown on his fortieth birthday " G.

Jeff ". When the school is sold to Subway, Jeff and Britta get engaged, but once they save Greendale, the engagement is broken.

In season six, Jeff continues to be a subpar teacher with alcohol problems including drinking in the classroom and has an existential crisis when he realizes that he is the member of the group with the least direction in life, and will likely be the last of them to ever leave Greendale.

Britta Perry played by Gillian Jacobs is a politically interested and socially empathetic student at Greendale, who in many cases serves as the study group's scapegoat.

Britta has two more seasoned siblings, one of whom works with children with some type of special disorder in a hospital. She is prone to be vain and hypocritical in her actions.

She attempts to appear progressive and cool but often comes off as misinformed and pretentious. Britta adores cats and has had a few including Suzie B who turned out to be sick and passed on whom she later supplanted with Daniel who has just a single eye.

Britta experienced an unexplained trauma in her childhood during a birthday party, involving a man in a dinosaur costume. She decided to drop out of high school because she thought it would impress Radiohead.

During the vandalizing, she became friends with other people who liked to vandalize. The friends created a small group of " anarchist billboard vandals".

When the group grew larger she was kicked out, via a democratic voting system. Soon after her departure, the group developed into a high-end advertising firm.

This led Britta to realize that she needed to do something with her life. While applying for a job at a frozen yogurt restaurant, Britta began a conversation with an irritable man handing out flyers for Greendale Community College.

Upon learning how easy gaining a degree from the school was, Britta resolved to get her G. Britta is often the voice of reason within the group, but is mocked by fellow members for her sensibilities and moral code, as well as her inadequate "triple-threat" performance skills.

In Season 1, Britta's unconventional culture prevents her from being a typical female lead. She is not always adept with everyday female bonding, and this creates a bit of distance between her and the other females in the group, though they generally bond.

In " Aerodynamics of Gender " Britta, Shirley, Annie, and Abed cohere in collective mean-girl catty behavior, until Abed teaches them a lesson in civilized comportment.

While her friends do not question her place within the group, they often denigrate Britta as a "buzzkill" and the group's least "fun" member, something Britta generally takes in stride, though she occasionally reacts in exasperation.

The group even mocks Britta for pronouncing the word " bagel " with a Minnesota accent and for being a vegetarian.

The Community study group continues to insist that "Britta" is a verb for failure and her character often performs poorly, such as in glee club , in class and in her haplessly lone expressions of politics.

In Season 2, it is revealed that Britta's adult-student poverty is severe, and that she has begun working as a waitress at a diner, where the manager hates her, she earns no tips, and she eventually gets fired.

There have been indications that Britta actually has marketable talents. To Shirley's surprise, Britta's wedding planning for her and Andre's ceremony was outstanding, but Britta's faults stem from behavior that the show posits as unnaturally political and that prevent Britta from following a path, such as wedding planning, that would be more female-normative.

The show's meta , young-male voice and conscience, television-aficionado Abed Nadir, sums up the impatient, disapproving narrative perspective on Britta's character, portraying her as a robot and observing that people "can be put off by her vacuous, mannequin face and her Jodie Foster severity".

The character Britta tends less toward severity, however, and more toward court fool , frequently engaging in slapstick physical comedy.

Although she has unceasingly exhibited a lack of romantic interest in Jeff, Britta has acted on sexual feelings for him.

Surprisingly, Britta's embarrassing profession of love makes her popular with campus women at the beginning of her second year by giving her a reputation for fearlessness.

Britta and Jeff like to think of themselves, and in fact tend to serve as, the group's dystopic mother and father figures respectively, and they often assume they know what is best for their friends; this dynamic of their relationship is explored in several episodes, culminating in Troy's realization on his 21st birthday that they are just as dumb as he.

It is later revealed by Abed in " Paradigms of Human Memory " that Britta and Jeff had a secret affair throughout Season 2 that began in Season 1 " Modern Warfare " , and the fact that their fling is no longer secret ruins any subversive interest they had in continuing it.

Britta and Jeff get engaged in " Basic Story " once Greendale is sold to Subway, but once they save Greendale they break the engagement off.

In Season 3, an attraction begins to emerge between Britta and Troy. In "Origins of Vampire Mythology", it is a disguised Troy who texts "something nice" to Britta in an attempt to end her interest in an old flame of hers.

She is shown smiling when she discovers that it was Troy who sent the text. In the following episode, " Virtual Systems Analysis ," Annie plays matchmaker with them, and the two go on what appears to be an unofficial date.

In the Season 4 premiere, " History ," it is revealed that Britta and Troy have begun dating, but they break up in " Basic Human Anatomy ".

In the fifth season, Britta has left Greendale and has become a bartender, but later re-enrolls in another attempt to become a psychologist.

However, she admits in " Basic Story " that she knows she has very little chance of achieving this latter goal.

In the sixth season, Britta confronts her issues with her parents "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care" , who are mainly responsible for her insecurities and have been secretly paying everyone else in the group to update them on what she's doing.

After reconciling with them, Britta remains on the Save Greendale Committee and ends the series without a clear career path, but with a sense of security and family.

Paste ranked him first in their list of the 20 Best Characters of , describing him as "the show's emotional center" and saying "his pop-culture obsessions and antics with his buddy Troy have made for some of the show's finest moments.

Abed Nadir is an alumnus of Greendale Community College. Abed had a troublesome life growing up due to a limited extent to his parents.

There was social disunity between them as Abed's dad is a Palestinian from Gaza and his mom is Polish American.

Abed likewise has an undiscovered mental condition which makes it hard for him to comprehend individuals. She is very friendly to everyone, but sometimes has problems minding her own business or keeping secrets, and she gossips compulsively.

Shirley's life took a turn when she took her family to the mall. While eating with her husband, Andre, at a restaurant, she was distracted by her children being accosted by an angered moviegoer telling them not to see Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace.

While she was gone, Andre met a stripper named Mysti, with whom he eventually had an affair. When she discovered this, her marriage ended in divorce, she fell into a deep depression, and began abusing alcohol.

During an outing to a frozen yogurt restaurant, she read an advertisement for Greendale Community College, and decided to turn her life around.

She then set out to earn an Associate's Degree in Business, so that she could start her own company.

An ongoing plot device is Shirley's difficulty tolerating the faiths of the multiple non-Christian members of the study group.

For example, Shirley covertly tried to baptize Annie, who is Jewish and did not appreciate the attempt. While the religious divide between Shirley and everyone else in the group remains, she has come to usually set aside that difference and relate to the other members as people she simply likes being friends with and vice versa.

Shirley was divorced at that time, and she reconnects with her ex-husband before learning that she is pregnant.

During the episode " Cooperative Calligraphy " it is revealed Shirley has a home pregnancy test in her bag.

In " Asian Population Studies ," Shirley's pregnancy is confirmed, and thanks to a message left on Troy's voicemail, it is speculated that Chang is the biological father.

Shirley finds the very possibility repellent, due to Chang's deviance and slightly malevolent insanity.

Beyond the evidence of the voice mail that Chang sent to Troy during the Halloween episode, however, no one remembers this incident due to the Army wiping their memory and blaming it on roofies.

The baby is born in " Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts " during what was supposed to be their Anthropology final exam, and Shirley is relieved to find that it is her husband's baby.

Graciously, she decides to name the baby Ben after Chang, making her son Ben Bennett. During their wedding rehearsal, they have a small argument over whether Shirley would stay at home so Andre could work on his stereo business or continue pursuing her dream of being an entrepreneur.

Andre accepts her change in lifestyle and promises to be by her side during her struggles with school. After they "unofficially" exchange vows during their apology to each other, the preacher simply announces them married.

Shirley's " Miss Piggy " voice is actually used when she is attempting to be sexy. Andre finds it a turn-on.

After the board of Hawthorne Wipes fires Pierce, he tries to open up a sandwich shop on campus with Shirley. Instead, the space for the sandwich shop is rented out to Subway, so Pierce and Shirley work together to sabotage the Subway restaurant.

In " Curriculum Unavailable ," Shirley delivers a speech denouncing the Subway restaurant, and it is destroyed in the ensuing riot.

In " Introduction to Finality ," Dean Pelton then offers the space to Shirley and Pierce, but because there is only one signature space, Pierce and Shirley file suit for the rights to the sandwich shop.

After an inspirational Winger speech, Pierce and Shirley agree to own Shirley's Sandwich Shop jointly by having Jeff sign the papers, and she achieves her dream of opening her own business.

In the fifth season, it is revealed that Andre has left Shirley again, taking the kids with him, because she has devoted too much time and money into Shirley's Sandwiches.

She returns to Greendale to become a true entrepreneur, but leaves in the season six premiere, " Ladders ", in order to care for her ailing father.

Annie Edison Alison Brie , born December 19th, , is a diligent, strait-laced, Type-A , Jewish student who is in her fifth year at Greendale Community College after graduating and then reapplying to major in her dream, forensic science.

She was acquaintance of Troy Barnes, who was a popular athlete at the time, and harbored a crush on him. They both attended a party where high school honors were being awarded.

When Troy instead of Annie received the award for "Most Likely to Succeed", and when he failed to recognize Annie when she berated him, she suffered a breakdown and ran through a closed sliding glass door.

Her stress finally induced a full nervous breakdown that culminated in her jumping through a plate-glass window yelling "Everyone's a robot!

Against the wishes of her mother, she chose to confront the addiction and go to rehab. This led to an estrangement from her family, including any financial support, and she currently survives on her savings from her childhood.

In Season 2, the group learns she is living in a horrible neighborhood in an apartment situated over Dildopolis, an all-night sex shop , and Troy and Abed invite her to move into their new place in Season 3.

While attending rehab, she had an outing to a frozen yogurt restaurant, during which she saw an advertisement for Greendale, and decided to attend the community college.

Between her graduation of rehab, and her enrollment in Greendale, she shed her geek appearance, and began to straighten her hair and dress more fashionably.

Though the youngest of the group, Annie is also by far the most studious and serious. She is, for example, the only student of Greendale to have ever made use of the extra credit program that the college offers by hosting a Dia de los Muertos English: Day of the Dead party.

During an episode where she is forced to leave the group due to her sabotaging their Spanish finals, the group learns that she is the only person who actually knows how to study.

She also takes audio notes of every class and transcribes them, prompting Pierce to exclaim and misuse the term "spoiler alert".

She is very intensely focused on grades, school activities, and group cohesion. A noticeably cheerful girl, she is enthusiastic when it comes to helping out the school, both writing for the school paper and participating on the debate team, along with organizing school events.

Annie's youthful innocence often, but not always, means that she is less involved with the group's less morally upright practices, though she genuinely enjoys spending time with them.

She attempts to motivate and manipulate the other study group members with guilt, using her "Disney face". Annie has been shown to occasionally choose her own interests over keeping the group intact, first by dating Britta's estranged ex-boyfriend Vaughn and temporarily choosing to leave Greendale and the group to follow Vaughn to another college, and later by deciding to exclude Jeff from the group and her friendship during his third-season-premiere nervous breakdown when he attacked the table with an axe after accidentally inhaling monkey-gas.

Her somewhat-illicit cradle sexuality is used to lure Jeff into Glee Club. Nonetheless, the self-interest cases serve only for within-episode plot tension, and the study group remains intact.

Annie used to pine after Troy, on whom she had a crush since his high school football quarterback days, but that stops when she begins dating Vaughn.

At the end of the first season, it appears as if Annie has developed a romantic dynamic with Jeff, whom she kissed both to win a debate competition and at the end of the season.

While she is still interested in Jeff at the beginning of the second season, he is more standoffish, and after the study group learns he'd had sex with Britta during the paintball episode, Annie says she thinks of Jeff as "gross".

Rich Stephenson, a fellow Greendale student that Jeff had clashed with. Jeff seems jealous but refuses to admit it, however, Rich declines Annie's advances due to their age difference.

There have been indications that Annie may still harbor feelings for Jeff, and it has been suggested that he may feel similarly.

However, it is revealed in " Virtual Systems Analysis " that Annie is coming to terms with just how exactly she feels about Jeff when Abed manipulates her because of her obvious feelings for him.

Annie learns from the experience that the way she's responding to her feelings for Jeff is shallow and immaterial and that any kind of love or feel like this isn't fair to herself or the other person.

She also gains a better understanding of Abed as well. In the fifth season, Annie has become a salesperson for a pharmaceutical company, and returns to Greendale to accomplish better things with her life.

She becomes the leader of the Save Greendale Committee. At the end of the sixth season she gets an internship at the FBI.

Troy Barnes Donald Glover , seasons 1—5 born December 4, , is a former high school football star and Greendale Community College student.

He later made a name for himself as the varsity quarterback of his high school football team, and was also prom king. His numerous admirers at school included future Greendale peer Annie Edison.

Troy's status at Riverside High prompted him to wear his letter jacket for days after his initial enrollment at Greendale.

Jeff quickly inferred that this was a sign of Troy's insecurity. He is also afraid of tarantulas, rats, centipedes, lakes " Environmental Science " and automatic toilets " Critical Film Studies ".

He now plays quarterback for the nonathletic Greendale Human Beings, saying he would rather play football for fun. While he starts off hanging out with Pierce at Greendale rooms in Season One, Troy immediately becomes best friends with Abed, who feeds and shares Troy's quirky and infectious sense of humor.

The two spend most of their time at Greendale together, and many episodes are capped with one of their comedic antics. In doing this, he saves the whole school in season two's Halloween episode.

Troy's fondness for Abed is so strong that he dumps an attractive librarian immediately after she calls Abed weird; and he lurks and fidgets jealously, fearing Jeff and Abed will become best friends when Jeff throws Abed a Pulp Fiction -themed birthday party and buys him a replica briefcase from the actual film.

While their bond was nearly destroyed during the pillow-blanket fort campus "war" of in " Pillows and Blankets ", quick thinking from Jeff Winger and imaginary "friendship hats" ultimately saved the day, though it also became plain that there are serious and deep differences between Troy and his best friend.

Instead of being Abed's roommate for their sophomore year, Troy decides to live in Pierce's mansion " Pascal's Triangle Revisited ".

Because Pierce has old-school, homogenizing racism issues, Troy initially needs to assert that Shirley is not his mother, but later asserts that Shirley isn't his cousin.

Long oblivious to Annie's romantic interest in him, Troy makes a few broad attempts at wooing her but fails " Romantic Expressionism ".

In the second season, it is hinted that Troy has feelings for Britta, and Troy lies about having his uncle molest him to take advantage of Britta's attraction to men with pain " Competitive Wine Tasting ".

Troy kisses Britta, but comes clean about his lie, and is disappointed when she claims kissing him was a mistake. Though he repeatedly tries to deny it, Troy is skilled at plumbing and air-conditioner repair, expertise recognized by the Greendale plumbing underground as well as Greendale's air-conditioning technical school powerhouse cabal " Advanced Gay " , who have launched a serious campaign to convince him to leave the regular school and join their ranks.

Troy also plays down the serious interest he shares with Britta in interpretive dance, which conflicts with his fading image as a football player.

His lifetime idol is actor LeVar Burton , but he is so terrified to meet Burton in person, that when he does so, he goes catatonic.

A reliable source of boyish faux-dumb wit, Troy has a number of unique opinions and beliefs, such as that all dogs are male and all cats female; he is also distracted by shiny objects and tends to cry over minor emotional setbacks.

Troy has evolved from the start of the series as a cocky, selfish, image-obsessed boy to a goofy and emotional yet goodhearted and responsible young man.

In " History ," it is revealed that Britta and Troy have begun dating. They break up in " Basic Human Anatomy ". Pierce had the chance to do so but failed and called it his biggest regret; he wants Troy to do it and Troy accepts.

Troy then leaves in " Geothermal Escapism ". A one-off joke in "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking", claims that LeVar Burton , the person he was traveling with and a "non-celebrity" have been abducted by pirates.

Troy briefly appears, in Spider-Man pajamas, on a background TV screen in the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse inspired by Troy's pajamas in season 2 episode " Anthropology ", which inspired Marvel Comics to create the Spider-Man of color seen in the film.

His father founded Hawthorne Wipes, the award-winning moist towelette company. He enrolled in Greendale in looking for friendship and popularity, but is held back by his clumsiness and his lack of tolerance.

Much older than most Greendale students, he is often confused by youth culture while still trying to embrace it. He also unknowingly buys into many sexist and racist stereotypes which often lead him to make offensive statements, the nature of which he's completely unaware.

Much of this is directed at Shirley, whom he sometimes mistakes for other black women " The Art of Discourse " ; Abed, whom he suspects being a terrorist because he is Muslim ; and Jeff, whom he actively tries to roast in an attempt to be cool, despite his inability to do so with wit.

This leads Troy to start up a Twitter account with , followers called "oldwhitemansays" " Anthropology " , documenting anything controversial said by Pierce.

When he finds out, he is furious at Troy until Troy reveals the number of followers, prompting Pierce to encourage Troy to keep the account going.

After his behavior became merciless in Season 2, the study group put Pierce on a "diet" with a strict limit on when and how often he can say offensive things.

It is also suspected that he has subdued feelings for the second youngest female in the group, Britta Perry.

Given his age and his eccentricity, Pierce occasionally surprises his friends with wise insight and advice when they truly need it.

Though he considers himself to be a "Reformed Neo- Buddhist ," he is actually a member of an obscure religious cult. In Season 1's " The Science of Illusion ," the group tricks him into dressing as the Cookie Crisp Wizard in order to achieve a level of ascension in his cult.

His religion also plays an important role when his mother dies in the Season 2 episode " The Psychology of Letting Go " and Pierce believes his "Buddhist" teachings that she will be reborn, carrying a canister of what he thinks is his mother's soul around in actuality a lava lamp.

When, along with Jeff and Troy, he listens to a CD made by his mother telling him she's gone and encouraging him to let her go and live his life, Pierce simply shrugs it off as her losing her mind.

At the same time, Jeff decides he's better off with that rationale and lets him continue with his belief. Pierce has been married seven times and has thirty-two "ex-stepchildren" he tries to be close with, though most of them either avoid him or take advantage of him for his wealth.

He is the author of Greendale's unusual school song and was for a brief time a member of Vaughn's band. He is also severely claustrophobic.

Because of his moist towelette business, Pierce is very wealthy and owns a mansion, where Troy also lives over the summer and during the second year.

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Ozark TV Series Start the season now! In the afterlife, where do you belong? Start TV's 1 new comedy now! About the Show "Community" is a smart, exuberant comedy that was consistently ranked as one of the most inventive and original half hours on television.

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