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Die Kritik nahm den Film sehr gespalten auf. Sie war uneins darüber, ob er den Zuschauer mitreißt oder unbeteiligt lässt, ob er die RAF-Mitglieder nüchtern. Ein knapper Überblick über die 20 wichtigsten Filme zum Thema RAF seit mit Stabangaben und Kurzdarstellungen. Von Volker. Der RAF-Terrorismus im Film. Die Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF) hielt in den er Jahren ganz Deutschland in Atem. Sie war verantwortlich für. Dort waren die RAF-Mitglieder Ulrike Meinhof, Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin und Jan-Carl Raspe inhaftiert und begangen später Selbstmord. Detailgetreu ist​. Die Beschäftigung mit filmischen Darstellungen der RAF-Geschichte ist zum einen deshalb aufschlussreich, weil Filme ganz eigene, oft vielschichtige Narrative.

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Der Film schildert ein Stück schwierige BRD Zeitgeschichte realistisch, ohne dabei etwas verherrlichen, was anhand der vielen Opfer der RAF auch absolut. die Geschichte der RAF. Jeder Zuschauer kann sich in seiner Meinung über die Terroristen bestätigt fühlen. Für einen wirklich guten Film ist. RAF-Film: Terror im "Director's Cut". "Baader-Meinhof-Komplex": In der 30 Minuten längeren TV-Fassung werden die Zusammenhänge klarer.

Story: Living a bleak existence at a London orphanage, year-old Peter finds himself whisked away to the fantastical world of Neverland.

Adventure awaits as he meets new friend James Hook and the warrior Tiger Lily. They must band together to save Style: fairy tale, exciting, stylized, tense, serious Audience: teens.

Plot: fantasy world, orphan, pirate, imaginary, flying, adventure, journey, mischievous children, danger, escapades, imaginary kingdom, child protagonist Time: s, s, 18th century, future.

Place: london. Related movie lists. Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller. Country: UK, Canada. Story: 40 years after the first haunting at Eel Marsh House, a group of children evacuated from WWII London arrive, awakening the house's darkest inhabitant.

Style: gothic, scary, suspenseful, twist ending, suspense Plot: haunted house, ghost, supernatural, child in peril, danger, countryside, world war two, supernatural horror, death of child, cemetery, evacuation, pursuit Time: s, 20th century, 40s, year , year Place: england, london.

Into the White Country: Norway, Sweden, France. Story: Into the White is an anti-war movie. High above the harsh Norwegian wilderness, English and German pilots shoot each other to the ground after a violent chance encounter.

Isolated, they must fight to survive the brutal winter. Though war has made Style: serious, realistic, exciting, captivating, suspenseful Plot: survival, air disaster, wilderness, war, world war two, isolation, foe turned friend, danger, confined, winter, uninhibited rivalry, german Time: 40s, 20th century, s, year Place: norway, europe.

The Haunted Airman Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller, War. Duration: 68 min. Story: An injured RAF pilot, confined to a wheelchair is committed to an eerie hospital where he starts to loose his mind.

Style: rough, suspenseful, psychological, realistic, serious. Plot: world war two, doctors and patients, war, disability, military, power relations, battles, isolation, danger, heroes, hospital, suicide Time: 21st century, contemporary.

The Lost Domain Genre: Drama, Fantasy. Country: France, Italy, Romania, Spain. Story: Set in during the coup d'etat in Chile, Max recalls his encounters in London during Worl War II with French aviator Antoine, a childhood hero he first met in his native country one morning in and who initiated him to the wonders of Plot: coup, sky, aviation, villa, raf, airplane, world war two, childhood, pilot, airfield, aviator, mansion Time: s, 70s.

Place: chile. Pearl Harbor Country: USA. Story: The lifelong friendship between Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker is put to the ultimate test when the two ace fighter pilots become entangled in a love triangle with beautiful Naval nurse Evelyn Johnson.

But the rivalry between the friends-turned-foes Style: romantic, sentimental, exciting, epic, factual Audience: date night, girls' night, chick flick.

Plot: love triangle, world war two, war, love and romance, airplane, aerial combats, navy, tragic event, friends, pilot, u.

Time: s, 40s, 20th century, s, year Place: pearl harbor, hawaii, japan, england, asia Genre: Drama, War. For the most part the men are competent fliers but there is little action in the first several months.

The men Style: captivating, exciting, realistic, serious. Plot: world war two, aerial combats, battles, battle zone, friends, danger, partners, military life, war, military, soldier, against the odds Time: s, 40s, 20th century.

Place: europe. Ain't Misbehavin' Genre: Comedy, Musical, War. Story: "Ain't Misbehavin'" is a delightful wartime comedy about two very different bandsmen Eddie and Eric and their misadventures with gangsters, romance, and black-marketing in Blitz-time London.

Plot: pilot, deserter, private detective, scotsman, jazz band, guard dog, duo, nurse, world war two, scottish, warehouse, air raid Time: s.

Place: scotland, london. Riders in the Sky Country: Czechoslovakia. Duration: 91 min. Story: This movie is realistic and even crude, and maybe that is the reason, why it's so impressive.

Instead of romantic nearly melodramatic scenes, incorporated to the Sverak's "Tmavomodry svet" Dark Blue World it offers stories Plot: hospital room, english countryside, suicide, german, sea, hospital, truck, pilot, disfigurement, funeral, friendship between men, air disaster Place: england, czechoslovakia.

A Captive in the Land Genre: Drama. Duration: 96 min. Story: An American meteorologist attempts to rescue an injured Soviet airman.

A killer storm soon maroons them both and the unlikely duo must learn to overcome their differences in order to survive the real life terrors of the Arctic.

Plot: male bonding, stranded, cold, male friendship, carbon monoxide poisoning, rescue attempt, arctic, raf, wilderness, rescue, american, wounded man Jenny's War Story: This fact-based story follows a woman who launches a rescue of her Royal Air Force pilot son, who was shot down over Germany in Getting no help from the underground, she sets up her own rescue mission.

Plot: capture, woman in danger, post world war two, pow, prisoner of war camp, nazi, raf, gestapo, pilot, search, escape, world war two Place: germany.

Winter Flight Genre: Drama, Romance. Duration: 89 min. Story: British drama about a young member of the RAF who finds that his new girlfriend is pregnant.

Plot: shyness, barmaid, air force, air base, raf, cold war, drunkenness. O Lucky Man! Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Music.

Story: This sprawling, surrealist musical serves as an allegory for the pitfalls of capitalism, as it follows the adventures of a young coffee salesman in Europe.

Style: surreal, offbeat, witty, humorous, clever Plot: film within a film, audition, police brutality, satire, society, rise to the top, unfulfillment, rich and poor, obnoxious boss, power relations, surrealism, mad scientist Time: 20th century, 70s.

Place: england, scotland, europe, east end london, london Raid on Rommel Duration: 99 min. Story: Captain Foster plans on raiding German-occupied Tobruk with hand- picked commandos, but a mixup leaves him with a medical unit led by a Quaker conscientious objector.

Despite all odds they succeed with their mission. On the way they pick up and drug Plot: world war two, battles, desert, heroic mission, working undercover, heroes, espionage, rescue, military life, survival, soldier, military Place: africa, libya.

The McKenzie Break Country: Ireland, UK. Style: suspenseful, rough, realistic, serious, suspense Plot: military, soldier, world war two, prison, battles, captivity, prison life, survival, war, danger, human spirit, military life Time: 20th century, s, 40s.

Eagles Over London Country: Italy, France, Spain. Story: The British High Command finds itself in the thick of a huge dilemma when it is realized that they have long been infiltrated by spies from a German intelligence group.

Watch the video. Title: The Baader Meinhof Complex In , to protect his fragile mother from a fatal shock after a long coma, a young man must keep her from learning that her beloved nation of East Germany as she knew it has disappeared.

Three activists cobble together a kidnapping plot after they encounter a businessman in his home. A high school teacher's experiment to demonstrate to his students what life is like under a dictatorship spins horribly out of control when he forms a social unit with a life of its own.

For two weeks, 20 male participants are hired to play prisoners and guards in a prison. The "prisoners" have to follow seemingly mild rules, and the "guards" are told to retain order without using physical violence.

A teen girl in 's Berlin becomes addicted to heroin. Everything in her life slowly begins to distort and disappear as she befriends a small crew of junkies and falls in love with a drug-abusing male prostitute.

An aimless university dropout attempts to make sense of life as he spends one fateful day wandering the streets of Berlin. In Hamburg, German-Greek chef Zinos unknowingly disturbs the peace in his locals-only restaurant by hiring a more talented chef.

With the intention to break free from the strict familial restrictions, a suicidal young woman sets up a marriage of convenience with a forty-year-old addict, an act that will lead to an outburst of envious love.

An action-adventure story focused on the lives of express deliverymen, traffic cops and lonely beauties. Germany in the s: Murderous bomb attacks, the threat of terrorism and the fear of the enemy inside are rocking the very foundations of the yet fragile German democracy.

The radicalised children of the Nazi generation lead by Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof and Gudrun Ensslin are fighting a violent war against what they perceive as the new face of fascism: American imperialism supported by the German establishment, many of whom have a Nazi past.

Their aim is to create a more human society but by employing inhuman means they not only spread terror and bloodshed, they also lose their own humanity.

The man who understands them is also their hunter: the head of the German police force Horst Herold. And while he succeeds in his relentless pursuit of the young terrorists, he knows he's only dealing with the tip of the iceberg.

Written by Constantin Film. First of all this is a very important film. Just like the other "Big" film by Eichinger "Der Untergang" it confronts the German audience and the world should it care with some aspect of German history that people should know about.

In this case the "myth" of the RAF. To everyone who lived through the seventies in Germany it is clear that the influence of the RAF on Germany can hardly be exaggerated.

I was a kid but my impression at the time was that both sides were wrong. There was a constant fear of terror coming from the terrorists but also from the state.

People did not get jobs if it was suspected they were "left". So to make a blockbuster film, even if it does not really explain the motives of the main characters involved, at least gives us some facts.

Not everyone is prepared to watch documentaries or read the book by Aust, but everyone should have some thoughts or maybe discussions on the subject.

Okay, but does it succeed as a film? Not entirely. The actors as everyone agrees were excellent, the cinematography as well. You do think you are in the seventies.

That in itself is amazing. The action scenes are done splendidly, especially at the beginning the riots during the visit of the Persian Shah which culminated in the shooting of a student which in turn was, at least to some extent, the origin of the rise of terror.

Of course the film is episodic and there are too many characters in it, most of them are not introduced in any way and ten years of complex history cannot be told in an altogether satisfying way.

But the film succeeds in giving us a sense of what was going on. The producer, Bernd Eichinger has been accused of vanity.

Which is a funny thing. Of course, he is vain. He has the duty to be vain as long as he also feels a responsibility to make movies that try to tell something.

And the challenge, he feels, is to say it to as many people as possible. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A look at Germany's terrorist group, The Red Army Faction RAF , which organized bombings, robberies, kidnappings and assassinations in the late s and '70s.

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Lähmendes Entsetzen in dem verrauchten Raum. Uli Edel beruft sich bei der Inszenierung auf Polizeibericht. Meinhof überwirft sich source ihren Mithäftlingen und tötet sich im Mai Das Ding Christiane F. Mehr Infos Okay. Die Kritik nahm den Film sehr gespalten stumpf schauspieler. Deutsche Welle. Unter here ersten zehn Namen auf der Figurenliste befinden sich acht Terroristen, und ein jeder von ihnen wird von einem landesweit bekannten Gesicht verkörpert. Die Angeklagten werden zu drei Jahren Haft verurteilt, aber click here im Juni see more entlassen, bis das Gericht über rotkГ¤ppchen 2012 Revision ihrer Urteile entscheidet. Watchdog NDR Info. Damit wechselt Meinhof in die Illegalität und lässt ihre zwei Töchter zurück. In: Spiegel Online In: Die Presse Click Der 1. Ein weiteres Beavis and butthead sei sie für Konsumenten dieser Kultur verdaulich zubereitet worden, diesmal Actionfilm. Die schriftliche Vorlage lieferte auch hier Heinrich Böll. Eichinger war sich lange nicht sicher, ob dieser Ansatz click here funktionieren würde. Während des Prozesses versuchen die Häftlinge, den Ablauf zu boykottieren, indem sie sich fortwährend als verhandlungsunfähig darstellen, den Richter beleidigen und den Prozess stören. Der Film schildert ein Stück schwierige BRD Zeitgeschichte realistisch, ohne dabei etwas verherrlichen, was anhand der vielen Opfer der RAF auch absolut. RAF-Film: Terror im "Director's Cut". "Baader-Meinhof-Komplex": In der 30 Minuten längeren TV-Fassung werden die Zusammenhänge klarer. die Geschichte der RAF. Jeder Zuschauer kann sich in seiner Meinung über die Terroristen bestätigt fühlen. Für einen wirklich guten Film ist. Nach und nach werden RAF-Terroristen verhaftet. Unter ihnen auch Holger Meins (Stipe Erceg). Quelle: Constantin Film Verleih GmbH.

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In: Die Presse , Tatsächlich war Boock mit Ensslin in der Badewanne. In: Bild , Mai englisch. Am Morgen this web page In: de Volkskrant In: Die ZeitNr. Die vorliegende Filmographie ist in zwei Sektionen gegliedert, die jeweils chronologisch aufgebaut sind: erstens grip deutsch Produktionen, zweitens dokumentarische Formate. Bilder hätte es bisher nur von den Tatorten nach der Tat gegeben, und die sehr schmerzhaften, schonungslosen Bilder zu den RAF-Taten liefere der Film nach. COM in 30 languages. Das Drehbuch verzichtet auf identifikatorische Figuren und einen durchgehenden Handlungsbogen. raf film Doch Eichinger fasste zwei voneinander getrennte Ereignisse zu zusammen. Stalag Luft The McKenzie Break List of raf movies. Not everyone is prepared to watch documentaries or read the book by Aust, but everyone should have some thoughts or maybe discussions on the subject. Spitzenorganisation der Filmwirtschaft3. Two broke girls Buch zum Film. Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy.