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Die verwegenen Krieger der schwarzen Festung beherrschen den Planeten Krull brutal und unbarmherzig. Nur die Hochzeit von Prinzessin Lyssa und Prinz Colwyn kann die Menschheit retten. Aber Lyssa wird entführt und auf der Schwarzen Festung von dem. Krull ist ein Fantasyfilm von Regisseur Peter Yates und Filmproduzent Ron Silverman aus dem Jahr Die Hauptdarsteller sind Ken Marshall als Prinz. Krull ein Film von Peter Yates mit Freddie Jones, Ken Marshall. Inhaltsangabe: Der ferne Planet Krull ächzt unter der Schreckensherrschaft des. Der Film ist und bleibt ein Kultfilm der 80er! Ich hatte schon ein bissel Angst, ihn zu schauen, weil ich dachte, meine Erinnerungen aus meiner Jugend würden zu​. Krull ist ein Fantasyfilm aus dem Jahr von Peter Yates mit Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony und Freddie Jones. In dem phantastischen Sci-Fi-Epos Krull.

krull film

„Krull“ ist auch nicht der Standard-Fantasy-Blockbuster von der Stange. Klar, hechelte die gesamte Filmindustrie nicht nur George Lucas. Krull - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Krull ist ein Fantasyfilm aus dem Jahr von Peter Yates mit Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony und Freddie Jones. In dem phantastischen Sci-Fi-Epos Krull.

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Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Zum Trailer. Erschwerend stellt sich der Umstand heraus, dass die Schwarze Festung am Ende eines jeden Tages an eine unvorhersehbare Stelle teleportiert. Fazit: Krull ist nichts besonderes und man kann ihn sich getrost an einem Sonntagnachmittag ansehn, jedoch sollte man nicht zu viel erwarten. Für Genre-Liebhaber ein sehenswerter Film. Liam Neeson. Mehr erfahren.

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Moonraker krull film Krull - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | „Krull“ ist auch nicht der Standard-Fantasy-Blockbuster von der Stange. Klar, hechelte die gesamte Filmindustrie nicht nur George Lucas. Krull: Fantasyfilm von Ted Mann/Ron Silverman mit Liam Neeson/Lysette Anthony/Ken Marshall. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. What I call adventure some may call tedious, I admit, but the extended set pieces work for me completely. All the films mentioned by name in Kim Newman's definitive encyclopedia of horror films, Nightmare Movies. While the group rests in a forest, Kegan goes krull film a nearby village and gets Merith, one of his wives, to bring food. Reina hardesty as PDF Printable version. Slayers at the Fortress kill Rhun, while Rell sacrifices himself to hold open the crushing spaceship doors long enough to allow the others to enter. Adventure Drama Fantasy. To use this, please refer to the documentation. Share this Rating Title: Krull read article. It's cheesy, campy fun and I love it.

Krull Film Film-Bewertung

Belinda Mayne. Francesca Annis. Link News zu weiteren Filmen. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Der Herr der Ringe - Die Gefährten. Ray Lovejoy. In ihrem Berg-gleichen Fortbewegungsmittel, der Schwarzen Https://, entkommen sie, eine Schneise der Zerstörung und unsägliches Elend zurücklassend. Additionally, to accompany the main antagonists, the Beast and its army of Gerner gzsz, Horner utilised Holst-like rhythms kerscheplotzer groaning krull film moaning vocals from the click to see more. Den of Geek. Krull a hodgepodge of sweeping landscapes, fantastic fantasy, all beautifully shot but held back in thanks to the old-fashioned sexism This implies that Foster wrote a novel and Sherman based his screenplay on the book. A common critical praise of Krull was the visuals and special effects, [15] [14] [7] : 76 Lambie describing them as "quite captivating". He was recruited to join the team ts annabelle best go here to defend their world from the attack. It's cheesy, campy fun and I love it. The new release has the correct ratio. Count it?

Krull Film Video

Mars Attacks!

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Most of it is played pretty straight. People die and everything. Not just the "red shirts" either.

The final battle was a bit of a let down and I'm pretty tired of the people escaping a collapsing bad guy's lair ending, but for the most part this movie is quite a bit of fun.

Peter Yates Bullit, A world light years beyond your imagination. Krull was one of the films I watched over and over again as a kid.

I wonder how many kids back then had nightmares about that translucent spider? Truth be told i think i appreciate it more now as an adult.

Krull is a strange mashup of Dungeon and Dragons and Starwars. It was originally written to be a Dungeons and Dragons movie.

It was at the time the most expensive movie ever made, it has great special effects, costumes, and the sets are breathtaking.

It also has one of the best giant spiders to ever appear on film. It has a large ensemble cast with Ken Marshal….

Here is another movie that I cannot rate properly, the whole thing reeks of nostalgia and the awes and wonders of a nine year old boy back in the early eighties.

So as soon as it arrived at the cinemas I went to see it. And I loved it. And I watched it again the very next day. As soon as it arrived on VHS rental I rented it, watched it several times and even taped the sound of the telly, a tape I used to listen to almost daily for a number of years.

I loved this…. Epic soundtrack, great production design, a feel-ladenly heroic cyclops and pre-fame Liam Neeson.

What's not to love? For years I have only known this from the monstrous face on the old video box, and random talk of The Glaive. I feel as though nothing could have prepared me for Krull's strange mix of sci-fi and fantasy.

Could stand to lose about 20 minutes, but otherwise it's weirdly effective and I can't bring myself to say anything bad about it.

Reviewed on Episode 66 of the Dare Daniel podcast. I found myself wishing the film had devoted more time to its fellowship as there was a palpable camaraderie.

But the main guy has bad tights and the whole thing is so silly. I might as well start there.

Plus: Young and Tasty Liam Neeson. Y'know, I went in expecting this to be really lame, but maybe sporting some cool effects here and there.

The production design does indeed elevate it quite a bit though, as there's a lot of really creative environments and monster effects some good, some not so good to be had.

Fantasy is without a doubt the most fascistic genre — pure regression for reactionary babies. That said, Krull slaps.

Beautiful optical effects and a swashbuckling James Horner score that kicks ass. This is merely a personal guide for the bizarre and weird stuff I've been watching or want to watch in….

In the face of total annihilation by the omnipotent Beast's unstoppable hordes of Slayers, the young aristocrats of two hostile neighbouring nations--the brave Prince Colwyn and the fair Princess Lyssa--are about to come into union, and form an alliance against the common enemy.

However, the otherworldly adversary is all-powerful, and before long, a fateful abduction will trigger a desperate quest to the evil entity's grim Black Fortress, as Colwyn and a handful of mismatched defenders are willing to dice with death to ensure the land's future.

In this suicide mission, the magical, five-edged weapon known as the Glaive is their only chance of survival. Can Prince Colwyn slay the Beast, save Lyssa and Krull, the small planet in the middle of the vast galaxy?

Written by Nick Riganas. The planet Krull has been invaded by a great evil The Beast. At the wedding, the forces of The Beast attack, kidnapping the princess, and massacring everyone else.

Sole survivor Colwyn joins with a band of disparate characters on a quest to kill The Beast and rescue the princess. This is a very simple good versus evil storyline.

It's a quest road movie. David Battley is especially funny as the incompetent magician Ergo. All the iconic characters are there including the great Alun Armstrong as the bandit leader Torquil.

And sharp eyes will see a younger Liam Neeson. This along with Dragonslayer is my favorite British fantasy of that era.

The stories are original and yet comfortably familiar. It had the FX but CG would soon make the miniature models and real sets old school.

It didn't help that Return of the Jedi came out right before this. This movie has great cheese appeal, but is outclassed in production value by Jedi.

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A prince and a fellowship of companions set out to rescue his bride from a fortress of alien invaders who have arrived on their home planet.

Director: Peter Yates. Christopher John reviewed Krull in Ares Magazine 16 and commented that "It is a hot, hollow wind which only reminds us of what a pleasant breeze feels like, and angers us because it isn't one.

Critic Janet Maslin found Krull to be "a gentle, pensive sci-fi adventure film that winds up a little too moody and melancholy for the Star Wars set", praising director Yates for "giving the film poise and sophistication, as well as a distinctly British air", and also "bring[ing] understatement and dimension to the material".

In a retrospective article, PopMatters critic Bill Gibron, opined that though finding many problems with Krull , it had an "amusement amalgamation" rare for a film released in the early s, where "if you don't like one particular character or circumstance, just wait — something completely different is just around the corner".

No matter what point you come in on the story, no matter what sort of scene is playing out before you, the lack of continuity and context actually allows you to take pleasure in the individual moment, and if so inclined, to stick around for another exciting sample in just a few minutes.

Snider summarized, "against all odds, Krull crams itself with magic, fantasy, and heroic quests, yet still manages to be boring.

This is an impressive feat in and of itself. You'd almost have to be doing it on purpose. A common critical praise of Krull was the visuals and special effects, [15] [14] [7] : 76 Lambie describing them as "quite captivating".

He explained that an actual glaive was a "sort of pole-arm, a long stick with a long blade on the end" and not a "brass starfish".

He stated that while "glaive" was a vague term and there wasn't an actual word that defined the weapon, "the writer should have made [another name] up rather than borrowing one which doesn't fit.

The effects have also garnered detractors. The House Next Door critic Steven Boone stated that Krull "stands out because it has some of the clunkiness and uncertain production design of a cheapie like Beastmaster , but its visuals fairly pulse like something from the Spielberg—Lucas realm".

A frequent criticism in multiple reviews of Krull is its writing. Lambie believed that Krull is "perhaps a little too derivative to earn a place in the major league of 80s fantasy movies".

To use a screenwriting metaphor, this is like painting yourself into a corner and then avoiding stepping on the fresh paint by suddenly developing the ability to levitate.

Many aspects of the plot such as magical abilities, wizards, lands, and members of Krull's population are only mentioned by the characters but never elaborated, which was both praised and criticized in Watt-Evans's review of the film.

He liked that it made the viewer have to solve mysteries on his own and gave the film "believability". How did it look to the people around the girl?

Did she vanish, as the image did, or was there a body? He said Krull "drags in spots", such as in the moments Colwyn and his gang climb mountains, and described the film's ending as "singularly lacking in surprises".

The Star Wars franchise never despatched quite so many characters in such a graphic manner. Responses towards the characters and performances of Krull were varied.

Some critics praised the antagonists of the film. He also noted they squeal and glow before they break apart when they get stabbed, describing it as "quite alien and frightening".

The Aurum Film Encyclopedia expressed admiration for the "engaging characters who surround the pallid hero and heroine" and also called the action scenes "nicely judged".

I pitied Ken Marshall when he was forced to react with hearty ha-ha-has to every crap magic trick. A novelization was written by Alan Dean Foster.

In , several games were developed with the Krull license. A Parker Brothers board game and card game was produced. An arcade game was released by D.

A console game was originally planned for the Atari , but changed to the Atari because of poor sales of the system.

The film was available for streaming through Starz and Netflix until June Mill Creek Entertainment, through a license from Sony, released Krull on Blu-ray for the first time on 30 September The previous release the year before was pulled due to an aspect ratio issue on the Blu-ray.

The new release has the correct ratio. Combining elements of sword and sorcery and the space opera genre, [25] [29] Krull has a plot compared by critics to the works in the series of Star Wars , [34] [7] : 74 The Lord of the Rings , [34] and, for its use of the Glaive, the legend of King Arthur.

Though most of the characters say they know about the myths of the Glaive, they never reveal these stories to Colwyn before he obtains the weapon.

He wrote, "Do any of the stories ever bother to explain who forged Excalibur , or how? No, it's just there, waiting for Arthur to come and get it.

Similarly, the Glaive is just there, waiting for Colwyn. Basically medieval in appearance, Krull has a sort of streamlined look in places, as if perhaps its civilization is more technologically advanced than it appears on the surface.

The Black Fortress and everything connected with it has a broken, vaguely organic look to it, as if it were grown instead of built — and then cut to shape where it hadn't grown right.

The interior is quite weird, and seems to be constantly shifting to suit the whims of the Beast.

Yates's concept for Krull was "sort of a fairy storybook that moves; a fairy tale with a life, a reality of its own. I very much wanted to make a movie with some old-fashioned romance to it, yet a movie where things always moved.

He analyzed, "Lyssa and Colwyn, despite having apparently arranged the marriage for political reasons, fall madly in love at first sight.

None of the characters who live on Krull explain the magical powers they use every day. Watt-Evans wrote that this lack of explanation "helps one to accept that these people are real people, living in a real world".

He reasoned that magic powers are Krull's equivalent of automobiles: "in a movie set on Earth, does anyone bother to explain cars?

No, they're just there. For Krull , magic is as much a part of the everyday world as automobiles are for us. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Theatrical release poster. Krull includes early screen performances of Liam Neeson left and Robbie Coltrane right , both playing bandits in the film.

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