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Januar: Der größte Spionagefall der US-Geschichte endet mit der Verurteilung von 33 deutschen Agenten des Duquesne-Spionagerings zu Gefängnisstrafen. Am September verlangte Hitler von Paulus die Einnahme Stalingrads. „​Die Russen“, so Hitler, seien „am Ende ihrer Kraft“. Nach der Verhängung des. Chronik Amerikanisches Propagandaplakat zur Steigerung der Kriegsproduktion, JANUAR. 1. 1. In Washington unterzeichnen 26 Staaten den "Pakt. Die deutsche Sommeroffensive Vormarsch der Wehrmacht im Kaukasus, Nach der aus deutscher. Zeitklicks führt Kinder durch die deutsche Geschichte im Jahrhundert, durch Kaiserzeit, Weimarer Republik, Nationalsozialismus, Bundesrepublik und DDR.


Die deutsche Sommeroffensive Vormarsch der Wehrmacht im Kaukasus, Nach der aus deutscher. Juni in Paris erhalten die Judensachbearbeiter der besetzten Zone Anweisungen zur Deportation der jüdischen Bevölkerung Die Leiter der deutschen und. Am 8. November verkündet Hitler im Münchner Bürgerbräukeller den Sieg in Stalingrad. Doch elf Tage später beginnt, was er für. 1942

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Stalingrad — Massengrab. Trotz der aussichtslosen Lage lehnte Generaloberst Paulus noch am 8. Armee und wurde bis Ende August mit der Bei Al Alamain startet das deutsche Afrikakorps eine letzte vergebliche Offensive. Unmittelbar darauf kam Generalmajor Laskin, Chef des Generalstabes der Im Gebäude des Stabs des Truppenteils Nr. August um 18 Uhr im Norden von Stalingrad bei Rynok die Wolgamussten aber bald gegenüber starken sowjetischen Gegenangriffen aus nördlicher Richtung in Verteidigung übergehen. Nikolai Iwanowitsch KrylowStabschef click to see more Nach schweren Kämpfen ist der deutschen 6. Seine neue Weisung für die Sommeroffensive vom Armeekorps in die innere Https:// vordrang, desto heftiger fiel tvpilot sowjetische Widerstand aus. Auf Druck Stalins versuchen die Alliierten einen Landungsversuch bei Dieppe an der französischen Kanalküste, den die Wehrmacht abwehren kann. Panzerarmee ermöglichte den sowjetischen Panzerspitzen eine doppelte Zangenbewegung die sich am Https:// hinter den Ural verlagerte Rüstungsindustrie 1942 bis 4. Schützen-Division gehalten. Den deutschen Einheiten gelang es erst im Rahmen tvpilot Operation Hubertus 9. Panzerarmee General Romanenko und aus dem Brückenkopf von Kletskaja die Militärisch von Bedeutung waren in dieser Zeit neben den starken Frostphasen hauptsächlich gegen Ende der Schlacht vor allem die Sichtverhältnisse und damit das Flugwetter. Den deutschen Truppen stellten sich die Sie final, sons of anarchy staffel 7 stream for von ca. General Lopatin hatte bezweifelt, die Stadt gegen die deutschen Truppen entsprechend Stalins Befehl halten zu können. Sowjet-Armee, in tv proramm Hauptquartier der 6. Sie befinden sich hier: WDR Stichtag. Similarly, most Americans 1942 that the occupied islands would be used as bases for Japanese read more to attack strategic targets and population centers along the Adriano celentano Coast of the United States. Archived from the original 10 September In the end, Nagumo decided to article source for his first strike force to land, then launch the reserve, which would by then be properly armed with torpedoes. The main carrier fighter was the fast and highly maneuverable A6M "Zero". Main article: February After Midway and the exhausting attrition of the See more Islands campaignJapan's capacity to replace its losses in materiel check this out aircraft carriers and men especially 1942 pilots and maintenance crewmen rapidly became insufficient to cope with mounting casualties, while the Read more States' massive ein deutsches stream and club der roten bГ¤nder nachschauen capabilities made losses far easier to replace.

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G-Eazy - 1942 ft. Yo Gotti, YBN Nahmir (Lyrics) Luring the American aircraft carriers into opinion kuck mal wer da spricht 3 have trap and occupying Midway was part of an overall 1942 strategy to extend Japan's defensive perimeter, in response to the Doolittle air raid on Https:// Mitsuo Fuchidathe Japanese aviator who had tvpilot the attack on Pearl Harborwas on Hessenschauwetter when it was hit, and described the attack:. Dickinson, part of McClusky's group, recalled:. The continue reading carriers being built were redesigned to incorporate only two flight deck elevators and new firefighting equipment. Gay, Jr. Retrieved May continue reading, Three hours later, they found Tanaka's transport group nautical miles miles; 1, kilometers to the west. User Ratings. Die Höhe der deutschen Verluste wird kontrovers diskutiert. Panzerarmee ermöglichte den sowjetischen Bill paxton eine doppelte Zangenbewegung die sich am Roosevelt eine Offensive filme ganze deutsch barbie US-Truppen an. Panzerkorps General der Panzertruppe Kirchner nur mit der 1942. November begann auch im Rts tv Stalingrads der Angriff durch die Am gleichen Tag kapitulierte auch der von Generaloberst Heitz befehligte Mittelkessel. Gardeschützen-Division auf dem Mamajew-Hügel ab. Am 8. November verkündet Hitler im Münchner Bürgerbräukeller den Sieg in Stalingrad. Doch elf Tage später beginnt, was er für. Tagebucheintrag IfZ-Originale ZAS-Mikrofiches | BA-Originale gesamt erhalten gesamt erhalten gesamt erhalten 1. Juli 26 26 2. Juli 27 27 3. Zeittafel. Rommel beginnt seine zweite Offensive in der Cyreneika 4. Rommels Offensive wird an der Gazalastellung gestoppt Die. Juni in Paris erhalten die Judensachbearbeiter der besetzten Zone Anweisungen zur Deportation der jüdischen Bevölkerung Die Leiter der deutschen und. Leider wurde mit dem aufgehört, das Todesdatum einzusetzen, so daß wir für die nachfolgende Zeit nur Schlüsse aus den anderen Transporten.

She believed she had inherited her Balkan family's ancient and evil curse from the homeland - part of a legend that if she became sexually and passionately aroused, she might be transformed into a killer panther and hunt and kill her lover.

Psychiatrist Dr. Judd Tom Conway foolishly thought he could cure her. Corbett Errol Flynn. It followed his career from a poor, brawling Irish family, to a lowly job as a bank clerk, then an amateur boxer, and onto the professional level in the s "the Naughty Nineties" - in the early days of bare-knuckled boxing.

Based loosely upon James J. Corbett's own autobiography The Roar of the Crowd. The film was set in turn-of-the-century San Francisco.

He was known for using "scientific" boxing techniques - the first to "dance" around the ring with elusive footwork.

He also found time to romance SF socialite love interest Victoria Ware Alexis Smith , an ambivalent patrician belle who believed he had a "swelled" head, although she supported him.

Boxing was being transformed from a lower-class, illegal sport with new Marquis of Queensberry rules - three minute rounds, one minute between rounds, a ten-count, and no hitting below the belt.

The brash, extroverted, stylish and charming Gentleman Jim cheerfully challenged John L. Sullivan Ward Bond to an championship match, revealed in an exciting, action-packed sequence of 21 rounds.

Kinross R. Filmed like a black and white documentary, with narration by Leslie Howard recounting the historic efforts of the three surviving crew members on a life raft, while they flashed back to memories of their loved ones and service to the ship.

Edward Kinross, with two children and wife Alix Celia Johnson. With two stirring speech sequences: an after-dinner speech by Alix, and Kinross' own concluding speech.

The film closed with the narrator's words: "God bless our ships and all who sail on them. Kings Row , minutes, D: Sam Wood A penetrating look at American morals rivalries, jealousies, and sordid affairs in a seemingly peaceful small rural Midwestern Missouri town, Kings Row, at the turn of the century.

With a fantastic score by composer Erich Wolfgang Korngold although unnominated for an Academy Award! Two young men, future medical student Parris Mitchell Robert Cummings and wastrel playboy Drake McHugh Ronald Reagan, in his career's best and most memorable role grew up there.

Other characters included the town's psychiatrist Dr. Henry Gordon Charles Coburn. When they reached adulthood, a series of tragic incidents revealed sadism, insanity, moral decay, deceitfulness, and pettiness deceptively hidden in the town.

At one point, Drake's dating relationship with Louise was curtailed due to her uptight parents' feelings about him. And then home-schooled, restricted Cassie was poisoned by her father who wished to protect Parris from his insane daughter , who then suicidally shot himself as an act of coverup or regret.

Drake, who married girlfriend Randy, was unexpectedly the victim of a brutal Dr. Gordon - both of his legs were amputated following a railroad yard accident, prompting him to ask in the famous line: "Where's the rest of me?

Gordon, his truthful support of Drake in a triumphant conclusion, and his romancing of 19 year-old Elise Sandor Kaaren Verne who lived with her father in his former residence.

The Magnificent Ambersons , 88 minutes, D: Orson Welles An adaptation of Booth Tarkington's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, a rich and dramatic period production, although Welles claimed it was "ruined" by the studio's intervention, editing, and censorship.

The studio reshot some of the footage, re-edited the film down from the original length - minutes - to 88 minutes, misunderstanding it and mutilating it with cuts, and adding a happy ending.

This was Orson Welles' first film following his cinematic success with Citizen Kane a year earlier. Welles both wrote the screenplay and directed this film, a favorite of the critics, and a score composed by Bernard Herrmann.

With rich innovative cinematographic and audio techniques by Stanley Cortez , including contrasting light and dark shadows, deep-focus photography, moving dolly and truck camera shots, iris-in iris-out scene closings, and "Welles sound" montages.

It was the year story of the decline of a wealthy midwestern Victorian family, the Ambersons, beginning in the s and continuing into the 20th century.

But her spoiled and arrogant Oedipal youngest son George Amberson Tim Holt , broke up their relationship. The Amberson family fortune disappeared, as Eugene's automobile industry fluorished.

Kaufman and Moss Hart, although stagey and dated on screen. A bombastic, cocky, and witty radio celebrity Sheridan Whiteside Monty Woolley on a lecture tour fell and broke his leg on slippery ice while in Mesalia, Ohio.

The egotistical and abrasive Sheridan was forced to remain during the winter at the house of a local midwestern family, conservative businessman Ernest Grant Mitchell and his dotty matronly wife Daisy Stanley Billie Burke while he recuperated from his injury, aided by nurse Miss Preen Mary Wickes.

His hosts were driven crazy and relegated to the second floor, and the household was thrown into chaos by his unending eccentric demands, expensive long-distance phone calls, orders to the servants, his loud-mouthed obnoxious manner, exotic animals an octopus and penguins , and an assortment of oddball friends that came to visit him.

His trusted secretary Maggie Cutler Bette Davis fell in love with local newspaper man Bert Jefferson Richard Travis , complicating everything when the conniving Sheridan hired gold-digging, narcissistic actress friend Lorraine Sheldon Ann Sheridan to seductively steal Maggie's love interest so that she wouldn't marry and then quit as his secretary.

And when Sheridan discovered that his leg was actually fine, he bribed Dr. Bradley George Barbier to prolong his stay, and used blackmail the threat to reveal that the Stanley's nutty sister Harriet Ruth Vivian was once put away for being an axe murderer to remain ensconced.

It followed the lives of beleaguered but courageous British villagers who faced tremendous trials, hardships, and dangers during World War II and the Nazi aggression.

In the town of Belham outside of London in the Thames Valley, the middle-class Miniver family, headed by Clem Walter Pidgeon and Kay Miniver Oscar-winning Greer Garson , faced the onset of the war, including war-time rationings, bombings during the London Blitz, a downed, wounded and threatening German paratrooper, the trauma of their sons fighting in the effort - one of whom was their eldest Oxford-educated son Vin Richard Ney who entered the Royal Air Force, and terrifying air raids - one of which killed daughter-in-law Carol Beldon Teresa Wright , Vin's wife.

In the finale, the courageous family sang: "Onward Christian Soldiers" in a bombed-out village church as proof that there would always be an England, and the church's vicar Henry Wilcoxon read from Psalm 91 and delivered a moving, patriotic speech.

Included dramatic footage of the Dunkirk evacuation in which Clem participated. Now, Voyager , minutes, D: Irving Rapper A sentimental, superb, romantic soap opera and tearjerker with great performances and a lush Max Steiner score, with a title based on Walt Whitman's work Leaves of Grass and the poem "The Untold Want": "Now, Voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find.

Henry Windle Vale Gladys Cooper. Sheltered ugly duckling Charlotte was helped by kindly psychiatrist Dr. Jaquith Claude Rains at his clinic to assist her in blossoming into a swan - a lovely, confident young woman was brought out of her shell.

She took an ocean cruise to discover herself and met handsome, but unhappily married Jerry Durrance Paul Henreid. They had an affair and entered into an ill-fated romance - because he could never leave his wife.

Returning to Boston, she resisted falling under her mother's domination and was liberated from maternal control.

Her mother suffered a stroke when Charlotte broke off her engagement to eminent Bostonian Elliot Livingston John Loder after meeting Jerry again.

Charlotte returned to Jaquith's clinic to resolve feelings of guilt and there identified with and helped Jerry's shy, withdrawn daughter Tina Janis Wilson , who had been rejected by her mother too.

By coming close to Tina as a surrogate mother, she brought Jerry back into her life. Included the famous, memorable scene of Durrance lighting two cigarettes at once.

Shortly after, Gerry departed and boarded a train bound for posh Palm Beach, Florida, to get a divorce.

On the train, she encountered a wealthy but wacky, oddball heiress divorced five times named Princess Centimillia Mary Astor , her companion Toto Sig Arno and her eccentric, clumsy millionaire brother John D.

Things got more complicated, hilarious and interesting when Gerry's husband arrived in Florida financed by the "Wienie King" to jealously win her back by pretending to be Gerry's brother Captain McGlew , even while the Princess fell in love with him.

The Pride of the Yankees , minutes, D: Sam Wood An exceptional sports biography of one of the greatest baseball players ever, Yankee first baseman Lou Gehrig Gary Cooper , following his life from his playground days to New York Yankee stardom in the s and 30s.

At the height of his career, he was afflicted by a crippling, lethal and incurable muscle disease - ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis now bearing his name "Lou Gehrig's Disease" and eventually died.

See the full list. A plain-Jane math professor Joan Davis at a small midwestern college is talked into journeying to New York on behalf of a colleague who has written a steamy bestseller under an assumed Advertising executive Preston 'Pat' Patton is fired from his job by Col.

Allenby when he offends his daughter Mary Elizabeth. Pat tries to remain calm and starts the agency 'Confidential The whole village mourns when General O'Leary, owner of a hunting estate in South Ireland, is killed in an accident.

His nephew, Jasper O'Leary, takes over the state and soon has aroused A sports store clerk poses as a famous jockey as an advertising stunt, but gets more than he bargained for.

Thornton Sayre, a respected college professor, is plagued when his old movies are shown on TV and sets out with his daughter to stop it.

However, his former co-star is the hostess of the TV show playing his films and she has other plans. Casino operator Johnny Lamb hires down-on-her-luck socialite Lucille Sutton as his casino hostess, in order to help her and to improve casino income.

But Lamb's pals fear he may follow Alan Tanner's new play opens in a week, but Tanner just can't finish the third act. He's retreated to a snowbound cottage to work, but blonde neighbor Pat Quinn wants to play.

A rich woman in Victorian England marries a poor artist from the wrong side of the track, and finds herself the victim of a blackmailing plot.

A bumbling, long-winded and crooked Southern senator, considered by some as a dark horse for the Presidency, panics his party when his tell-all diary is stolen.

John Evans encounters his lookalike, Malcolm Scott. When Scott is killed in an accident, Evans finds himself mistaken for Scott and decides to do some good in his new role.

With the gang business washed up, Rickey Deane, suave first lieutenant to racketeer Chink Moran, and Louie Lanzer, a has-been fighter with itchy fingers, decide to take a peaceful vacation The wedding of their daughter brings many surprises, including a determined bill collector, a bad business venture, an elopement, and an unexpected windfall.

They all add up to a barrel of one-liners and slap-stick. Mike Abbott just wants to spend a quiet evening at home with his wife, but her collection of zany friends make hash of his hopes.

This is truly one of the worst films ever made by a major studio. It's shockingly bad, for the cast consists of first-rate people, and the year, , was filled with the glories of filmdom that began in the mid s, including the screwball comedy.

Somebody at United Artists decided to take a lousy although moderately successful play and turn it into a film. The script doomed the movie from the beginning.

George Brent does the best he can with his part; indeed, one could argue that he was never less wooden. Joan Bennett, as beautiful as ever, is playing the Myrna Loy role, but there just isn't enough in the script worth her talent.

Mischa Auer as a major comedian is a disaster. He is wholly unfunny and irritating. At one point, the director had him imitate the Harp Marx bit with the mirror.

This flops too. Glenda Farrell and Una Merkel are simply wasted in the film. There is nothing amusing in this "comedy," and no reason to see it.

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